The AGM 2009

when will it ever end .........


Cuddles and Dickhead were re-elected to their positions....

...beside the bar.


The 'red eye' is not from the camera flash. The RA trusts nobody to his left ...


.. especially the GM having read out the accounts.

"A triumph of imagination over reality. You have my admiration!"


Meanwhile Silvier Fox scours Hampshire for hares.


To cut a long story (and believe me it was a very long story) short, most of the committee were re-elected with the exception of Horn who stood down from his position as Hash Stats after 327 years. He strongly denied allegations about the veracity of the statistics. If you ever wondered where the expression "since records began" came from, it was all started by the North Hants Hash. The new incumbent to the Hash Stat position, Hanging About, will be pleased to get rid of those stone tablets that are grossly over-rated as loft insulation anyway.









































AGM-29th November 2009


1: Minutes apologies from Scribette, Eve,  Mountain Rescue who all had prior engagements elsewhere!

2: Previous minutes approved thou not present thou various scrawled handwritten notes do exist.

3: A proposal for hash scrape coat was voted in. Three nominations Sex Slave, Nettles, Mary. Sex slave voted in.

Not an agenda item but reports from present committee

Hash tick and hash cash separate written reports. Comment on tankards how many do we need not known. Yes it is noted Petal is awaiting correct number of runs to get her goblet and silvier does not want a goblet if he reaches milestone first. Fees remain the same.

4: Election of new committee

GM                            No Entry                 voted in

RA                               SPF                          voted in

Hash cash                 JGG                         voted in

Hash thrash             Petal + OT              voted in

Hair razor                Silvier Fox               voted in

Hash Tick                 Hanging About      voted in

Web Master             Seiss Matters        voted in

Hash Haberdashery Smash +Hobble   voted in

Scribe                          Primate                voted in

Hash raff                     Cuddles                voted in

On sec                        FD                           voted in

5: Discussion on how long were tick sheets to be kept for? Suggestion would be good material for the next bonfire. Could witty comments be included in scribes right up? Agreed that are kept for 5 years and not practical to hand them over to scribe as hash tick needs them for recording number of runs. Led to heated debate on when you have earnt a tick for a run. Petal is still trying to get her well earned goblet early. But further to this comments that hashing has no rules has tick should use discretion. Agreed that to receive a tick then must reach first check unless separate trail given. Turning up to the car park does not count!

6: request made for the minutes to be circulated before the meeting. Too late for this year. On sec says will try better for next year.

7: Remarks about S-word and for some reason Wally and foul rumours about him being silvier foxes best mate and other comments which canít be pot down libel laws thou I am not sure if they apply to Wally!!!

8: Stuff that has being forgotten but promised but still forgotten.

9: AOB

New shit shirt requested action Er indoors to provide

Congratulations and thanks to previous Hash Thrash for excellent events during the year.

Fruit n nut asked if we were returning to the Isle of Wight which is always a good weekend, it was explained that it was r2d2 that used to visit there.

Requests for different venue in January for weekend away. Agreed in principle Hash Thrash to investigate alternatives and costs.

Debate on age restrictions. Agreed Januaryís way weekend 18+. Swanage family. Christmas party various options put forward 1. No minimum age, 2. 16+, 3. 18+   .   Apologies notes not clear if option 2 or 3 agreed.

Who collects the £1 from visitors and should we do this. It was agreed that the money should be collected and to make them welcome and beer permitting to give them a down down. Hash ticks responsibilirty to collect money.

Request for bonfire run to be in the light. Agreed that the hares should make the decision but try to be flexible.  There are a number of members who donít like running in the dark.

Agreed non-members are not allowed to vote.

Agreed that we will have secret Santa at Christmas party £5 present limit for those who want to take part, provide a gift you will get one in return. 

Down downs                      given to outgoing committee and incoming committee meeting closed at 3:00 oíclock

Thanks to Little Chopper and Arse Over Dog for their hospitality






















AGM 2010

The Railway Arms, Frimley


Many thanks to the outgoing committee for their hard work during this year and, in many cases, several previous years. Without the committee, the hash simply could not function. Congratulations to those that have been elected to the committee for the coming year. I commend this list to house:-


GMs                              Charmaine Chardonnay and Little Prick               

election held behind closed doors (from the point-of-view of the ladies' loo)


RA                                 Jolly Green Giant                        voted in

Hash Cash                    Old Thumper (Caymans) plc       voted in

Hash Thrash                 Commercial Whale + helpers      voted in

Hair Razor                    Kerb Crawler                             voted in (well done!)

Hash Tick                     Hanging About                           elected unopposed

Web Master                 http://Seis_Matters                      elected unopposed

Hash Haberdashery     Smash                                        proposed and seconded by Hobble

Scribe                            Dickhead                                   voted in on a change manifesto

Hash raff                       Damp Patch                               persuaded despite frightening job description

On sec                           A Denise / Petal hybrid               voted in because anything hybrid is probably economic

Hash Scapegoat           Nettles                                        by popular acclaim - except Nettles in absentia