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31st January - 3rd February 2020:  The New Forest



The NH4 winter 2020 getaway will be 31st January – 3rd February (3 nights) at:


Sandy Balls Holiday Village

Southampton Road


The New Forest



Tel: 01442 506202

Website: https://www.awayresorts.co.uk/sandy-balls/

They have a variety of accommodation (see link to their website above - I found it very slow!).   Unfortunately, we can't block book for everyone so you will have to call them yourselves - the suggestion would be that you get a group together and someone books for the whole group, taking into account whether you need 2 or 3 nights accommodation. 

Judith has booked our cabin, an 8 berth (3 bedroom) Indulgent with hot tub, by calling the number above and managed to get a discount!!  Might be worth mentioning that you are part of the “Judith Bridges” group!!

Once you have booked could you let me know and then nearer the time I will email out the plan for the weekend. If anyone would like to volunteer to hare either the Saturday or Sunday please let No Entry know.

Facilities include (onsite):


Italian restaurant (possibility for Saturday night?)



indoor swimming pool


evening entertainment

Alpaca Walks (hopefully not on the run!)

cycle hire


Pub – off site
Here's to another great weekend!!
On On!
Damp Patch





Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, The Swanage Weekend has been cancelled in 2020





Tower Lodge Hotel

17 Ulwell Road


BH19 1LF


All bed linen is provided but you will need to bring towels. Please bring garden chairs if you have room in your cars and if the weather is nice we should be able to sit in the garden. A key will be issued for each bedroom together with a front door key. Please leave the bedroom keys in the bowl in the hall before leaving the hotel. Apparently lots of people have locked themselves out of their rooms in the past so there might be a charge if they have to come and let us in.
Please park carefully in front and to side of hotel. There should be enough room. If not you can park in the road opposite, Burlington Road, but don't park under the trees; they leave a vile, sticky deposit on the car.
Wine and beer provided along with bread, cereal, coffee and juice for breakfast.

Here's to a brilliant and hopefully sunny weekend.






Saturday xxth December 2020:  Christmas Party (hopefully)


Farnborough Masonic Hall








































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