North Hants Hash House Harriers Photo Gallery

2015 AGM

Well done Flying Doctor who chaired a difficult meeting with a rare blend of skill and diplomacy.


1900th run:  11th October 2015


Arundel, February 2015



Photos from LISBON HASH  14th - 18th March 2014



Photos from UK NASH HASH  26th - 29th AUGUST 2011

29th December 2013: Farnham's Waitrose Car Park

29th December 2013: The infamous 'onesies' hash:  Congratulations to the hares on laying large and high quality signs



Sugar Plum Fairy

Don't try this at home

Prime 8

If found, please send home

30 years in Search of Shiggy

from the man who put the Piss in Pistachio!!


Mette's Farewell 2013

Christmas Run 2012

Swanage 2010

Log Cabins 2010

Log Cabins 2008

Christmas 2007

AGM 2007

Fireworks 2007

Velcro's BBQ 2007

Birthday 2007

Aaran's 1st Birthday

Swanage 2006

30th Birthday Run  Easter Friday 2011

UK NASH HASH   August  2011

UK NASH HASH   August  2013



Joint Run with Wessex 2010


2nd April 2010

NH4 Birthday Run


Be afraid; be VERY afraid!


Commercial Whale

Worldwide Hasher

Ever Ready

Honest Officer. The bollard started it!

Fruit 'n Nut

Don't follow this man!


Hash Paparashi

Bruce - hasher, pyromaniac and landlord

Every hash needs a hasher who owns a pub!

Full Frontal holds onto her hat ..

.. or her head?