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Virtual hashes take place on Sundays at 18:00 hrs as advertised by email from Shrinky Dink





Hashing may resume on Good Friday 2nd April 2021, NH4's 40th Anniversary


Before going to a hash, you MUST register to confirm your attendance so that appropriate groupings of six can be arranged.

You must also read the NH4 COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Guidelines kindly prepared (and updated 19.12.20) by Libby.


Number Date Time Venue Grid ref Hares On-inn Notes


02 Apr 2021


Good Friday

NH4 40th Anniversary Run










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Hash List  2021


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Grid Ref

SU unless noted






Dec 13 2020

10:40 am


Southwood Woodland car park

(Kennels Lane end)



No Entry




Dec 20 2020

10:40 am


Playground car park, School Lane, Bentley

GU10 5LP



Jolly Green Giant

Old Thumper



Hashing suspended but may resume on ....



02 Apr 2021


Good Friday

NH4 40th Anniversary Run






04 Apr


Easter Sunday Run

















The Swanage Weekend was cancelled



Mountain Rescue has alerted us to this petition. Sign up if you agree - AND WHY WOULDN'T YOU?



Petition to Maintain public access to MOD land in Aldershot



The new committee for 2020 has been elected; it's mainly the old committee plus Yellow Peril. Click HERE for details and HERE for the minutes.



FYI for you smartasses that thought that there was a misspelling on the 2000th T-shirt:


Jane Austin (1831 - 1894) was a prolific American authoress who lived in Massachusetts and travelled to New Hampshire.



There's a Government initiative to get the old folks doing some sort of sport

Shame it didn't work.



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Shiggy Scribbles Nov 2013

More photos from Uganda

No Entry's Page of Runs

 Photos from Lisbon HHH




































Longmoor Ranges, Forest Road, Liss

GU33 7RA



Silvier Fox



A small and very busy car park.


























Several observant hashers have been ruminating about the Roman eight where the format of XIIX has been used to represent the number 18. They maintain that the correct format should be XVIII. We had a similar query in 2008 or MMIIX or even MMVIII. Their argument is that IIX is not correct Roman for 8.


First of all, on the hash there are no rules.


Secondly, the Romans would have used VIII for 8, but they would not have used IX for 9 since subtractive notation was only introduced centuries later; they would have used VIIII. Subtractive notation only became common when clocks were invented in the XIVth century to save space on the clock dial. So, IIX obeys no Roman rules, but it is not prohibited. It is simply an uncommonly used form. However, it has the merits of being symmetrical, XVIII would not fit in the space available and I LIKE IT.