Many thanks to Commercial Whale, Hippo and Damp Patch for organising this.


We are now live on Meetup and our next run (event) has been scheduled on the Meetup web page. We are called the North Hants H3 running/walking group. The wording and format were thought out by Hippo (GM), Damp Patch (Hon Sec) and myself. The photo on the “heading” is of the 2019 pre Xmas run. If anyone who is in the photo on the web page is unhappy about appearing on this, then let me know and I will find an alternative photo. The photo shows a mixture of runners and walkers, so the type of people that we are trying to appeal to.


We have attracted one new member from Fleet although she has not indicated that she will “attend” our trail.


In order to attract more people, it would be a good idea if NH4 members could join the Meetup group (i.e. North Hants H3 running/walking group).


You can go straight to our group at


Once you are at the web page, then click on Sign up and join by entering an email address and a password. You may be asked to provide a photo, but Alice has joined and she has not posted a photo yet. You may have to wait for acceptance/approval by Meetup. Once you are signed up and are able to log into our group, then you can open up our event for next Sunday and click on “Attend”. You should then get an email saying welcome and you may have to click on the RSVP button. We are only currently showing 3 attending (Alice, Pam and I), but if we were to be showing say 15 or more, then I believe that it might be more appealing to anyone who is interested.


N.B. Couples will have to have separate email addresses in order for both to sign up.