Annual New Forest Getaway



Venue is the Karelia Log Cabins, Ashley Heath nr Ringwood. Here is the link to their website with all the info if you don't know how to get there:


Karelia Holidays

Horton Rd
Ashley Heath
BH24 2EE

When coming from Southampton towards Bournemouth on the A31 dual-carriageway, look for Ringwood Church, quickly followed by the Texaco Garage. The road becomes 4 lanes; you need to stay in the second from left, which leads to a large roundabout. Take the third exit signposted Ashley Heath, Three Legged Cross and Moors Valley Country Park.
Drive slowly! We are 300 yards on the right from this roundabout, signposted "The Studio Karelia".



Please find attached bedroom allocations for next week.  Please bear in mind the increasing restrictions of the number of people who are able to access the upstairs sleeping areas, due to limitations of age, infirmity or girth.


Please check whether you are in double or twin/single beds, and take appropriate bed linen, including pillowcases. By request of the owners, conventional sheets, duvet covers, no sleeping bags please. 


Don't forget to bring:

- bed linen (sheets, duvet cover, pillowcases)

- a bowl to eat your stew on Saturday night (catch the gravy)

- a torch (to avoid going A over T as above)

- swimmies if you plan to use the sauna (remember the episode of the nude, the wellies and the grandmother...)

- towels



[Brian and Linda: Please note that your double is actually 2 x 3ft mattresses]


Rendezvous in the Fish 6.30pm onwards on Friday night, where food is available.  If you don't know the walking route to the pub, stick with someone who does. Be careful of road crossings, and of going A over T in the dark.


Saturday and Sunday runs - see website/Hare Razor.



Bruce will be bringing a truckload of logs.


Petal Who Shall be Obeyed will be allocating duties for the weekend.



Rose Cottage (10 man)                                           


Laatoka (8 man)


Viipuri (7 man)


Karelia (5 man and a dog)


Piilopirtti (2 man)



Allocation of duties/chores:  to be allocated by Petal.


Saturday Breakfast:

Newspapers -

Cooks 1 -

Washing up 1 -

Cooks 2 -

Washing up 2 -




Saturday afternoon:

Tea and cake service: -

Lottery -


Saturday Sauna:

Check all clean and clear after use -


Saturday Dinner:

Chef -

Sous Chef -

Washing up 1 - 

Washing up 2 -


Sunday Breakfast:

Newspapers -

Cooks 1 -

Washing up 1 -

Cooks 2 -

Washing up 2 -





See you in the Fish,


Old Thumper (and Petal by proxy)