Shrinky Dink's

Un-numbered Virtual Hashes



The Zoom runs will continue! 5:30pm for a 6pm start.


8th November  by  Cloggs


1st November  by  Little Prick


25th October  by  Shrinky Dink

The coming Sunday’s Zoom session will be a hash round all the Interhashes, with forfeits for choosing false trails. To be set by me, Shrinky Dink.

No need for paper or pencil as you’ll be taking it in turns to check out - and risk those forfeits.


18th October  by Daisy

Well done Daisy and Velcro Female for the Disney/Chocolate/Animals quiz.
Down downs went to: the hares (of course), birthday boy No Entry, Hobble & ‘Er Indoors (wedding anniversary), to JGG, for saying James was late for the real run, when he claims he was was only fashionably late,

and to Yellow Peril for laying the morning’s run up mountains which he claimed were only hills (or something like that).

11th October  by Little Prick & No Entry
An isolated Little Prick and No Entry hosted a game session last Sunday: yet another innovation: Town & Country. We only got through one letter (H) but it was fun anyway.

Down downs went to the hares, Jo for the highest score (lowest score wins!) and Tim & Daisy as winners.


4th October  by Fairy Snow and Fuggles

Thanks to Fuggles & Fairy Snow for a brilliant, active, alcoholic Joe Wicks Zoom “hash” last Sunday. Give that girl an MBE! 
Amongst the down downers were Hobble for running on the spot while drinking his tea, JGG for leaving the room to do an exercise, Cloggs for something about silent flower or wallflower, which I didn’t quite get down.


27th September  by Velcro Female

Thank you to Velcro Female for the 3-part quiz: Murder, London & Xmas number ones.
No Entry awarded down downs to Eve for an entertaining quiz, Daisy for her cat (T-shirt) and dog (on loan) combination, Yellow Peril for being hare on the live hash in the morning and Libby for her halo:


20th September  by  Sister Anna and Dormouse

Thanks to Sister Anna and Dormouse for the musical quiz last week.


13th September   by  Jolly Green Giant

Last week’s pub crawl round Swanage by JGG, with pub-themed questions was again entertaining and informative. For example we learned that Italy is the country that produces the most wine and the meaning in English of póg mo thóin (kiss my arse).


6th September 

This run will be hosted from A Coruña in Spain (so what could go wrong?) but set and organised by Little Prick & No Entry from Farnborough (their 5th Zoom haring!)
It will be another Jeopardy, so pen and paper optional, wits and imagination compulsory, memory a bonus!

Another educational entertainment by veteran zoom hares Little Prick and No Entry, in the form of a reverse quiz. Answers included “Lick, Swallow, Suck” and “With a sponge on a stick”. 


30th August  by  Jolly Green Giant and Old Thumper

This hash was yet another innovative entertainment by those veteran Zoom hares Old Thumper and Jolly Green Giant. Two Hash teams racing(!!) round a course with multiple-choice questions at every check! Very educational is was too.

Most would have guessed the most popular pub name is Red Lion (and by coincidence Dodo & I had breakfast in the Red Lion at Gatwick this morning!), but who knew (or cared) what was the Guinness World Record for the number of people on a mud bath? Sister Anna, actually (301 if you must know).


23rd August  by  Hanging About & Damp Patch

Many thanks to Hanging About & Damp Patch for the revisit of our last Arundel pub crawl on Sunday.

This resulted in several sinners being awarded down-downs, including Dodo for not being able to remember the original crawl, JGG for knowing the way, YP for his big donger (G-father clock) and Cloggs for social distancing on the internet. 


16th August  by  Shrinky Dink & Dodo

This run was around Highgate House with a forfeits resulting in down-downs for: JGG for his scary lion roar, Kim for taking a cup of tea on the run, Hippo for his ability to order a cold beer in Hindi and Eve for her scary rabbit.

9th August  by  No Entry & Little Prick

Thanks to Little Prick and No Entry for another clever entertainment last Sunday. Not sure of the connection to hashing but it was a well received and amusing reverse quiz. Final answer was “No”, to which Yellow Peril asked “Are there any more questions”.
Down downs, given by NH4 GM Hippo were to the hares for an innovative trail and YP for showing his education, of which he has a very wide repertoire.


2nd August  by  Shrinky Dink, assisted by ‘Er Indoors.
It’ll be a novel “run” in 3 groups - walkers, hashers & front runners. You will need a random number generator for numbers 1 to 6 (eg a dice) and be prepared to do a bit of mild exercise!

This Zoom Run was attended by just 14, including hares Shrinky Dink & ‘Er Indoors.
The many rules were revealed, and sometimes made up, as the Snakes & Ladders-inspired game proceeded, concluding with the Walkers still trying to cross the shiggy patch. 
Jolly Green Giant got a down-down for keeping up with the rules.  Also Yellow Peril for talking about being in the lead, Velcro & Daisy for throwing a statistically unlikely number of 5’s & 6’s, and Flying Doctor for losing her dice: “Oh no, it’s gone behind the computer”. 


26th July  by  Fairy Snow & Dodo

This run is being set in sawdust from Cox Castle by Fairy Snow who will be assisted on the hash by Dodo. It will be run live by Fuggles and Shrinky Dink, who will follow instructions from the virtual hashers.

Last Sunday’s Zoom run round the streets of Church Crookham seemed a bit chaotic to me but I know that the four live hounds (JGG, OT, me, and Fuggles, (was who was also a hare!)) enjoyed the experience.

Thanks to Fairy Snow for being the other hare & to Dodo for communications and passing on directions.

 19th July  by  Little Prick & No Entry

A big virtual thank you to hares Little Prick & No Entry for their 3rd and very noisy hash round the streets of Farnborough. Another new variation with tongue twisters, animal calls and rude sounds. And welcome to Kerry for the first time.


12th July  by  Commercial Whale 

Commercial Whale and Alice’s surprise run from Surprise Hill last week finished with no one getting lost, although almost every false trail available was tried.
Old Thumper got the most checks right but since hashing is non-competitive that doesn’t count. Instead the RA awarded her a down-down for drinking out of a goldfish bowl.

She was joined by the hares, Eve “Oh look the mouse is sleeping” & Daisy “It could be dead”, Dormouse, for coming back from the dead and Little Prick “The camera’s up my end”.


5th July  by  Old Thumper

Thanks to Old Thumper for setting her 3rd Zoom run, last Sunday. Starting from Pierrepont House, I think. Finishing at a brewery (Bennett Brown?). Lots of things to observe on the way.
Firework won the observations and won ... a down-down, along with Champagne Chardonnay (for her hair cut), Flying Doctor for appearing fresh from her hot tub in a fluffy dressing gown, and Goofy for coming for the first time, and of course the hare.


28th June  by  ‘Er Indoors and Shrinky Dink

Another successful run last Sunday - the 13th since the first lock-down run on Good Friday. Thanks to the lone hound Hanging About for not hanging about and for checking almost every false trail ‘Er Indoors and Shrinky Dink had laid.

No thanks to all the vindictive stay-at-home hounds who asked questions like “which way is the steepest hill?” before sending him up there.


21st June  by  Little Prick & No Entry


14th June  by  Hanging About & Damp Patch

Firstly, thanks to Hanging About and Damp Patch for a romp through the Rhododendrons, along a trail actually laid in sawdust, complete with videos of the options at each check! An amazing amount of effort must have gone into that.


7th June  by  Old Thumper & JGG

Old Thumper and Jolly Green Giant came up with yet another different and interesting idea for a hash for our 10th Zoom hash last Sunday.

Snakes and Ladders! (shouts of “competitive!!”) Well done! I’m amazed at the inventiveness of our hares - always a different experience, every Sunday.


31st May  by  Nettles

27 hashers logged in to enjoy an 11 mile virtual ballbreaker from Kings Pond, Alton.

Many thanks for yet another ingenious hash, laid by Nettles. Must have taken a lot of time and effort to prepare: a very entertaining run past sheep, chickens, llamas, horses, donkeys and ducks, using Google Earth live, interspersed with photos.
Down downs, awarded by No Entry, went to the hare (naturally) to the tune of a conga dance, Dormouse & Hanging About for appearing as brothers and Petal (Zombie Hasher).


24th May  by Charmaine Chardonnay & Firework

Many thanks to Charmaine Chardonnay & Firework for one of the, if not the, best run so far, in and out of hospital clad in home-made PPE. Brilliant, original idea and very entertaining.


17th May  by No Entry & Little Prick

26 hashers for another innovative, cryptic, virtual hash. Welcome to Hippo and Yellow Peril.


10th May  by  Seis Matters & Janet'n John

Many thanks to Seis Matters and Janet ’n’ John for yet another different, entertaining and successful variation on hashing-at-home last Sunday. Another turn-out in the mid 20’s. How many plotted the trail successfully, I wonder.


3rd May by Silvier Fox & Petal

27 Hashers (sometimes 26 - depended on Yellow Peril who dropped in and out virtually and invisibly). Well done the hares for this innovative style of virtual hashing.


26th April  by  Fairy Snow & Fuggles

28 hashers


19th April Virtual Red Dress Hash  by  Old Thumper & Jolly Green Giant

26 hashers


12th April Easter Day Virtual Hash  by  'Er Indoors

25 hashers


  10th April Good Friday Anniversary Virtual Hash:  The Highgate Arms  by  Shrinky Dink & Dodo


Well done the two hares and the 18 virtual hashers that turned up as well (from all over Hampshire and even Europe). How can I explain to my neighbours why I was running around the garden alone shouting "On on".