Shrinky Dink's Photographs

and Comments of the Week


Run 2064


A vigorous but depleted pack of 15 or so found the pub car park was full but there was excellent parking just down the road.

What a great trail of two halves; south of the road, urban and field edgy and then north of the road into the forests and hills. Well done JGG and Little Prick for setting a hash in this rarely used area and for arranging such lovely weather.


Run 2062


Despite the torrential rain, about 20 hashers turned up to the crowded car park of the Fox and Goose at Greywell. Squiffy, in a kindly moment, decided to cut the run short since rain, hail, thunder and a plague of locusts had been forecast.

Four miles we were promised and four kilometres we got in remarkably fine weather as it turned out.


Run 2059


An above average turn-out for Yorkie & No Entry’s (predictably) long run from the Bourley Road car park opposite the one behind the Tweseldown.

We welcomed back Little Rabbit after years away growing up and Squiffy’s daughter Emma because she missed her train to London. A well laid trail with plenty of false trails and tricks to keep the runners together. And even the walkers enjoyed it, judging by the comments:


Mountains Rescue: Most delightful walk in good company. 


Dodo: Brilliant walk! Thank you 3 musketeers! [Squiggy, Hippo & Mountain Rescue]. I don’t know about the run!

Jolly Green Giant: Excellent run Found mostly false trails


Hanging About: Nice weather, Good trail, some sneaky laying of flour!


Run 2058

Despite the wettest hash for many a year, at least since Tim and Pam's last wet hash, there was an amazing turn-out of 35 hashers.

The trail was excellent; cunning and confusing in equal measure. It rained throughout and the rain continued at Tim and Pam's gaff where we enjoyed an excellent BBQ and the sweet remnants of Sanyu and Roland's party the previous day.


Run 2057

What an amazing turn-out of 22 hashers despite nine regulars being on holiday in Greece and Denmark.

The car park is a large extension of a much smaller one and accesses a very interesting if compact area into which the hares, Silvier Fox and Yorkie has laid a cunning and very enjoyable trail.


Run 2056

A good turn out of about 25 hashers at this rarely used location saw us head west along the railway line for a fair distance and then back through parts of Alice Holt Forest. A long, thin hash in other words but great to run in this area.

The pack retired to Andy and Libby's gaff for one of the first wet BBQs of the season that all goes to show that rain can't stop hashers enjoying themselves.


Run 2054

A wet and muddy Dickhead greeted a rather reduced pack of a dozen hashers, but it was great to see Sex Slave and Cuddles return to the flock especially in view of the lousy weather and Cuddles' broken arm.

A great trail laid by that master of deception gave us a tour of the Shortheath bogs although it wasn't really that muddy.

Confusion at the end was resolved when we realised that the bar wasn't a bar, it was a bar from the initial part of the hash. This was good news since it meant that we didn't have to swim across the pond to get back.


Run 2053


Run 2052

A good turn out saw us all enjoy a very Fleet Pond-ish hash and none the worse for that. Why does Hobble set such good runners trails?


Run 2051

Back to the Selborne Arms again for a variation on a theme by Seis Matters. For a change, the ascents were gentle and we ran all the hash sections but not necessarily in the expected order.

Once again, we filled the Hanger Bar at the Selborne Arms who provided excellent food.


Run 2050

Summer Getaway to Swanage - Sunday 24th June

Conveniently for late risers, this run started from our accommodation, the Tower Lodge Hotel, after Bucks Fizz in the garden.

Not so convenient was that the hares, Hanging About and ‘Er Indoors, lost each other and weren’t there at 11am, so we set off without them (but with Bucks Fizz in a plastic bottle for the hares). 
A clever clockwise spiral at the start sent us across the road and down to the promenade in front of the beach huts as though heading NE but looped back to the right and almost back to the Tower Lodge before following the coast to the S then W.

First close to the water, past the lifeboat station, then up, up, up along the cliff top and inland past the point where ‘Er Indoors lost Hanging About to return along inland tracks. 


The walkers set off                                                                                        B..g.r! It wasn’t to the left!                                                                 Dodo hands ‘Er Indoors a Bucks Fizz 



Past the lifeboat station (“13” could be someone’s lucky number)                                                                   Tail enders on the way back to Swanage


Seis Matters: Another excellent trail in brilliant weather. 


Petal: Lovely! So relieved to see ‘Er Indoors who saved me. 


Silvier Fox: Stunning views. Lovely shag


Velcro (F): Lovely Run Judith xxxx


Run 2049

Summer Getaway to Swanage - Saturday 23 June 2018

After the traditional steam train ride from Swanage to the start in Corfe Castle, this was a predictably hilly run with magnificent views, 19 miles to The Isle of Wight, and inland. The walkers misread their map, fell off the edge and got back after the runners!

The RA arranged for perfect warm and sunny weather. Lunch in the garden of The Castle Inn, a bus, taxi or walk back to freshen up and relax in the garden of The Tower Lodge Hotel,

a cake with reluctant candles provided by Kim’s Mum, with prosecco to celebrate 20 years together for Little Prick and No Entry, down downs for sinners,

followed by dinner next door in the The Crow’s Nest so tired out the hash that no one made it down town in the evening. 


Caught the steam train from Swanage at 11:20                                                       Briefing at The Castle Inn at 12 midday                                           The hares cross the track at the start of the run


Harriettes (& Shrinky Dink) wait for the runners who did the Suicidal Descent                                            A kind hare leads the last of his flock back into Corfe Castle


Kim’s Mum struggles to light the “20” candles on her cake                  Velcro with Nettles’s Mum who mothered Eve after a night of excess


Seis Matters: Excellent trail & I checked every false trail!


Hanging About: Great trail I checked every false trail that John didn’t. 




Turn On: Glad I did the Run not the walk thanks to Eve, Great Run -


Charmaine Chardonnay: Lovely! Lovely, lovely, lovely. OK if I had a heart attack here. Went past two defribblaters. Lovely


Run 2048

With a hare from Hash Dogs and about six others from said Hash I considered this a joint hash - set by Charlie Fryatt and Hanging About from Potter’s Pub in Mytchett. Lots of gratuitous ups & downs, as well as some pointless downs & ups. 




Ups                                                            ..... and down. GM falling asleep on his feet?      Spanish visitor Uxío throws away the unpalatable English beer. 




‘Er Indoors: Nice hare so missed the hills  


Flying Doctor: Great map reading from Pam. Thanks for the trail. 


Hanging About: Some nice hills, then some more hills then some horrible hills then arrgghh! 



Run 2047

Recce'd by Fairy Snow and Old Thumper, this run was finally set by Old Thumper with Jolly Green Giant as bag carrier when the Fairy called in “broken”. Quite a varied run, including woodlands and new housing estates from Ewshot to Crondall, Church Crookham and Tweseldown. 


Flying Doctor: Excellent walk, lovely countryside 




Hanging About: Nice trail - good weather - good pub. 


No Entry: Interesting + fun!


Mountain Rescue: Bl**dy good trail


Silvier Fox: Good interesting trail. 


Run 2046

Romping Donkey, Muscly Mule, Stunt Jockey and Show Jumper - the whole stable in fact - laid an unusual trail through Liss Forest.

The many obscure turns caught out most of the hounds on many occasions, helping to keep the running pack together. A monument, a view stop and two riddles pinned to trees added to the entertainment. 


Under Starter's Orders

View from the Mount

After Crossing the Finish Line




Silvier Fox: A monumental start, different type of trail and very enjoyable


Romping Donkey: Fun setting a trail for blind hashers!!


Charmaine Chardonnay: Lovely! Really enjoyed it. Lots of hills. Lovely weather. A bit of pensioner bashing. A nice way to spend Sunday evening. 



Run 2045


Flying Doctor went Offf the Rails with Nettles to set a long trail for her hot and steamy birthday run. Well-hidden small flour blobs with some long check-backs which kept sending the front runners to the rear. Unusually, Hanging About came back last, but he had already run over 8 miles from Frimley to Farnham. Followed by a pleasant drink with masses of cakes provided by Flying Doctor.

Shame only 13 hashers turned up but perhaps there were more at 6 o’clock who didn’t notice it was an 11am start? 


The 1st long check-back - across the tracks at Medstead & Four Marks station


Hashy Birthday Flying Doctor!




Hanging About: Lovely trail, shame too shagged to run it properly!


Judith Bridges: HOT + STEAMY Lovely trail - actually beat TIM !! 😀 


Little Prick: Nice walk. Shame RA lost again! [A reference to him getting lost on Saturday, causing Kim to initiate a county-wide search for him]


Run 2044  (after the Royal Wedding)

Hobble set his 100th run with Alex Fryatt from Hale Village Hall, over Farnham Park. Men in dresses, lovely sunny weather, a dearth of flour, Stunt Jockey doing standing back flips and the afternoon BBQ made this a memorable run. 

On the hash, it is imperative to distinguish real ones from falsies.                                            Three Duchesses with Little Prick Well Out In Front

There are some seriously disturbing pictures below:

Prime 8: nice stroll in the park - beautifully dressed hounds. 


Melvinda Queen of Darkness: A right royal hash with fantastic sunshine, lovely BBQ bunting. 


Run 2043

Set from the car park opposite the retirement home in Bourley Road, near The Tweseldown by Mountain Rescue, assisted by Yorkie.

Used the race course near the beginning, was mostly directly under the final approach to Farnborough Airport, and ended with some tracks I didn’t recognise.

Check backs and regroups helped to keep the runners together. A long run but I was looked after well by the hare, with a couple of short cuts. 



Down downers included Jolly Green Giant & Rolo for throwing flour over each other and Hashdogs American Cameron who had to drink from an allegedly new shoe [should have had a worse punishment for bringing Wally]. 




‘Er Indoors: Super run over super area. Lovely bluebells.


Damp Patch: Lovely walk. Nice weather too. Too many planes. 


Cameron: Excellent course. really enjoyed it. Thanks!


Run 2042

Set by Silvier & Petal from Barton’s Mill. I was away for this one so I’ll let some of the comments tell you about it:


Squiffy: Good trail round the back streets of Basingstoke then off to the bluebells and fields. Thanks. 


Romping Donkey: Where was the mud??!


Ever Ready: Nice walk but missed the beer stop!!


Prime 8: Nice stroll in warm weather - no shiggy no hills


Run 2041

A well-timed, rather fast run from The Squirrel in Hurtmore. Well done Firework and Hanging About.

Memorable for being amazingly cold standing around waiting for the off, for returners DD & Legover visiting,  for a flat dairy cow and for childish throwing of Galium aperine L. (also known as Sticky Willy). 



‘Er Indoors: Super run - first blue/pink/white bells. 😊 


Charmaine Chardonnay: Lovely! film crews, Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne’s house. Super vet here too. No wonder Tim goes running at lunch time. 


Double D: Lovely area + lovely walk. Nice to see everyone again. XO


Run 2040

Modesty forbids me to say what an excellent trail I laid with No Entry from The Alma round Caesar’s Camp - complete with a view stop, beer stop, nice weather and pizzas at the on-inn. 




Cloggs: Fab trail & lovely hares!


Flying Doctor: Excellent walk/run - great beer + weather !!!


Hanging About: Enjoyable trail - lots of ups - lots of false trail. 


Run 2039


Charmaine Chardonnay & Old Thumper’s run from the moat at Elstead was wet, muddy & puddly but largely rain-free. At 26 the turnout was exactly average for this year. 




Hanging About: A combination of Elstead and Hanley Commons, but not a common run!


Jolly Green Giant: Good run with plenty of shiggy & a water fight


Charmaine Chardonnay: Lovely! Excellent 69 today. [she means runs set - I think! ed]


Run 2038

A miserable turn-out (15) in miserable weather for a ...... run of many long straight stretches. But at least there was plenty of shiggy and at least Squiffy turned out to set it when there was a shortage of NH4 volunteers.

And decorating the last 1.3 miles of tow path with primroses, after the 1st “ON INN”, was a nice touch. 




‘Er Indoors: Great training for the 10K - 😊 

Prime8: good shiggy  no hills, no food at pub

Old Thumper: Good training for something. just not sure what! Good shiggy. 


Run 2037

The traditional Easter run, set by Silvier Fox and Petal in Bordon, with lots of hidden eggs and bad egg jokes. Eggsactly the white length of run (56 minutes). Shell I go on? Don’t egg me on! (With apologies to JGG & Dickhead). 




Firework: Well set run - runners + walkers finished at same time

‘Er Indoors: Great Easter Egg Run - just right after the weekend


Run 2036

Visitors boosted the turn-out to 38 for our 37th birthday run. Starting from outside Tomlinscote School with a dispiriting run in the drizzle up the steepest hill on the trail, it could only get better. And it did.  

Continuing through muddy puddles to entertain the children and the childish, a beer and Prosecco stop to refresh the old and weary, and on to The Railway Arms for chilli, chatting and chocolate refrigerator cake until well into the afternoon. 


1 minute into the run!   Puerile puddle play in a pool

Walkers & runners pose at the drinks stop


The hares take their punishment                                                 In awe of the Chocolate Refrigerator Cake                                                                                Another sort of pool


Laura Murray: Loved muddy puddles !! 😊 


Kathy Piper: Good weather for ducks!!


Non Stick: Puddle-jump-tastic!


Roaming Pussy: Brilliant fun & thanks for the Easter Egg!! ON ON


Run 2035

A muddy run set from a small car park on Yateley Common by veteran hares Fairy Snow (48 runs set) and Jolly Green Giant (129);  main feature was mud, the word “mud” occurring 16 times in the comments. 


The walkers set off                                                                                                          Rolo gets stuck in while Papa & Squiffy stick to the sides


Mountain Rescue: Delightful except for the shoe-sucking shig!


Silvier Fox: My new shoes that hover above the mud were useful but had to wait 5 minutes for others to arrive. 


Charmaine Chardonnay: Lovely! Cemetery, fields, Horses. I thought it would be just gorse bushes. Lots of shiggy though. 

Verbal Dire Ear (Lucy Rowland): Thick, Stodgy mud!


Run 2034

This joint run with Hounds & Horrors, set from Old Guildford Road by Alex Fryatt & Hippo, was inundated with dogs and kids.


Alex explained the strange (to NH4) symbols and we set off through the woods to discover every possible steep slope - and lots of muddy puddles to delight the youngsters.



Afterwards, in the Rose and Thistle, Show Jumper proudly showed off her T-shirt that she had decorated herself. 



Romping Donkey: Unplanned Hill training today. thank you 😊 


Damp Patch: Lovely walk - enjoyed the dogs bathing!


Silvier Fox: Thankfully nice & short with lots of hills in between?


Show Jumper: I made my T shirt!


Run 2033

A muddy run from Selborne Recreation Ground by Seis Matters and Janet’n John in the remnants of the snow caused by the fight between the Beast From the East and Storm Emma

Talking of which, Emma (Double D) made a rare appearance and we had our own Olympian snow fight (see below). 


A good turn-out of 28 (3 above the year’s average), was split exactly 50:50 between walkers and runners. The groups met several times - a feature of a well-set run!

Some walkers (who shall not be nameless) ignored the trail and explored the history of local parson-naturalist Gilbert White on the way to the pub. And Denise got a few people (though not many) worried by not turning up to the Selborne Arms till 1:30!


‘Er Indoors: Apart from the necessary evil uphill at the start - - a very enjoyable run in the slush. 


Romping Donkey: Stunt Jockey didn’t fall over enough!!




Dodo: lovely church. G. White was an interesting guy!


Seis Matters: DENISE ! ! where were you?


Run 2032

Squiffy set a cold run under a blue sky from the canal near the Waterwitch in Odiham. Joint run with 22 from NH4 & roughly equal number from Hursley. The walkers were back in an hour, followed by the runners 40 minutes later(!), after running 9 km, a lot of it in straight lines, reportedly. 








Dodo: Very enjoyable! Very caring hare!!!


Run 2031  (18th Feb 2018)

‘Er Indoors, ably(?) assisted by Dodo, set an “interesting” run from Hawley Lake Sail Training Centre, avoiding paths (but not shiggy) as far as possible. Numbers were boosted to 38 by families Murray, Barbier and Piper.

Down-downs included Little Prick for wearing anatomically incorrect tights and Dodo for asking where the lake is (to lead the walkers round). 






Little Prick: My mono-buttock enjoyed it!


Silvier Fox: Tricky going had me fooled. Played catch up after getting lost. 


Squiffy: Good trail. 


Run 2030

Joint with North Wilts

Our thanks go to Mildred and Arse About Face, who was responsible for this being a two hour quarter marathon mud trail. But at least the sun shone a bit, there was a beer stop, it wasn’t as cold as the day before and the only precipitation was a light hail/snow shower in the Sun Inn car park after the run. That was about the time that a lady from the pub came out for a smoke, only to find 3 NH4 hashers down to their underpants changing!



Pre-run entertainment                                                                                                    The walkers pose in appropriately named Mud Lane




Hanging About: 7.45 miles of shiggy! but it was relatively flat! Very fast. Great beer stop. 


Soggy Fringe: A nice walk as far as I went, a mercy I gather from the runners. 



Run 2029

Winter Away Weekend in Swindon



A superbly organised weekend by Commercial Whale (see emails for details). Saturday run set by Fairy Snow and locals Swampy & Soup Dragon, from Lydiard Park to the Sun Inn in Lydiard Millicent at 1pm in cold, drizzly weather on Saturday afternoon.

The hotel’s sauna and swimming pool were especially appreciated by those who partook (especially after running over frozen puddles on the local 5km Park Run at 9am). 


Jo gets her leg over on the run


Dinner & down-down time


Petal: Cold, Wet, muddy - well done hares


Silvier Fox: Wiltshire shiggy is something else. Well done hares. 


Shrinky Dink: Wet & cold & muddy - and that was just the wait for Sanyu’s car!


Run 2028


The inseparable Ever Ready & Prime8 used a new car park at Bramshot Farm Country Park in Farnborough and attracted 29 runners & walkers, a record for North Hants this year. 


Flying Doctor: Posh car park, nice walk, enjoyed the sunshine. 

Romping Donkey: Who is paying for my washing bill!

Muscly Mule: & then the broken machine!


Mountain Rescue: Industrial shig. Nothing wrong that a severe drought won’t correct


Laura Murray: I loved the big muddy puddles. 


Run 2027

A run in Grayshott by Dickhead. No pics ‘cos your Hash Tick was away. 


Fun Size: it was fun because it was mudy


Chastity Belt: Great Run. 4.5 mi. 


Hisneesrbuggered: Up + down and down and up - good quality of shiggy! 4.4 miles!


Dickhead: Glad to have found PRIMATE!!


Run 2026

The beautiful snow descending when we set out for this run at The Butts in Alton turned to cold rain by the time we started.  Well done to the lone hare for turning out. 



“That way”




Petal: Cold, wet, miserable but good run. Well Done Nettles!!




Run 2025

Five of the comments for this Mountain Rescue run from a car park near the Wellington Monument included the word “fast”. Enjoyable but only 51 minutes for the runners, with hardly a pause for breath. Good to see the Coombers (those 4 horsey types) coming on the runs so regularly, and Alex and Jenny, better known from the “dogs” hash, along with Dawn. Squiffy from R2D2 turned up late and promised to come again for the next few weeks. 


NH4 attempt at a human pyramid




Romping Donkey: Fast + Furious - Hooray!


Janet & John: NOT often the walkers come back after the runners


Show Jumper: Why was 6 scared of 7? because 7 8 9

The hare returns through the arch where we started


Run 2024



Showjumper: I finaly got a name


‘Er Indoors: Super run although bitterly cold. Well done hares 🙂. 




Ever Ready: Novel use of a well loved (?) area. 


Run 2023



This New Year’s Eve run, set by Shrinky Dink and Fuggles, was an excellently executed eleven o’clock exercise crafted with canny cunning that ran runners in rings and kept walkers awake while ascending to a timely meeting at the magnificent viewpoint at Caesar’s Camp. Views of Farnborough airfield and beyond enchanted visitors from Spain, Mozambique and the Dogs’ Hash alike, the return descent testing experienced hashers, and delighting the playful younger visitors with profound fiord-like ruts.


Mountain Rescue: Fiendish trail much enjoyed!


Silvier Fox: Good running, and trail was good. Small car park. 


Hanging About: Great trail   lots of shiggy and new areas!


Cris: Good run and good muddy too. 





Run 2022


The Xmas Eve run was set by Hanging About & Damp Patch, as usual from Balmoral Drive in Frimley, then afterwards at their place. Nine visitors, including three Spaniards, swelled the numbers to 30; well above our year’s average of about 21. 



What is the hare saying? Best answer will be added as a caption to this picture. 


No Entry: Trees & stuff all over the place. 


Fun Size: it was very good


Cristina: Very good walk and we were lucky with weather


Chastity Belt & Isneesrbuggered: Brilliant run & even better afterwards chez Tim & Pam. Thanks v much. Merry Christmas!!!




On on, Shrinky Dink



Run 2021


Eight days before Christmas I kept ‘Er Indoors company while she laid her 5th trail of the year, from Fleet Pond car park. This started at 2pm in view of it being the day after the NH4 Christmas Dinner/Dance (which ‘Er Indoors also organised).

On on was at ‘Er Indoors’s place (How does she do it?).     She's a woman - Web Master.




                                                                                                                                       Sinners reflecting on their sins


Jolly Green Giant: Very fast to start with and then wet. Good run. 


Ever Ready: Nice run in a good area. Excellent shiggy!!





Run 2020

Velcro Male and Dodo set a run in the rain over Bill’s childhood playground (Rowhill Nature Reserve). In less than an hour we were back in the car park and departing for a surprise birthday party for the bag carrier. 




Down downs for hares at Chez Dodo                                                                                          Dual Hashy Birthday


‘Er Indoors: Nice walk - very cold & wet, though.


Shrinky Dink: Well laid & a good length, Bill!


Jolly Green Giant: Wet & Windy. Good run. 


Old Thumper: Nearly killed me! Try harder next time! X



Run 2019

Good to see Flying Doctor fit enough again to set a run. This time an excellent trail from The King’s Pond in Alton over mostly unfamiliar (to me) territory, including, if you did the full trail, a 5.8 mega-watt solar farm:



circumnavigating Worldham Golf Course, then a 670 meter paddle through a rock-strewn gully (in which Rolo and Fun Size had fun collecting umpteen golf balls, and later got down-Downs): 


and across the A31 dual carriageway for a second time and back to the multi-birded King’s Pond:





In an arcane Welsh ritual going back millenia, the Lord of the Ducks commands his flight to defacate on the English heathens.


There were plenty of short-cutting opportunities and a market in town which seems to have attracted our least athletic hashers:


Dodo: Excellent mult wine + market!




Charmaine Chardonnay: Lovely! Nice free mulled wine. Didn’t even need to join conservatives. Be nice to have a market every week. 


Old Thumper: Good run except for the roads, the mud, the brambles, the rocks, the flying golf balls!!


Run 2018

Set by Seis Matters and Janet & John round a new side of Selborne, avoiding the Hangers. The pictures & comments say the rest. 

At the end of the optional shlippy, shlidy, shlerpy, shoe-sucking muddy section. [Shlippy, shlidy I'll admit but I draw the line at shlerpy - Editor and HARE]


Splash! lent his staff to the injured Fun Size


Fun Size: it was bad because i twisted my ankle




Shrinky Dink: Enjoyed the new area. Made a change. 


Hanging About: Excellent trail. Shame about the wind off the arctic!


Velcro (M): too cold & muddy


‘Er Indoors: Enjoyed this side of Selborne


Run 2017

Several of us were confused by the coordinates on the web site but Silvier Fox and Petal made up by setting a surprisingly (for Silvier) well-timed run through the woods of Trenchard Park and Broxhead, (Bordon) which kept the walkers within sight of the runners well into the woodlands.

Turnout was good, especially for a run so far from NH4’s original centre of gravity round Aldershot and Farnborough - 29 if you count the shoppers!

Little Prick eats her last birthday cup-cake while Shrinky Dink photographs her stunning Egyptian tights

Ever Ready: Nice varied trail, some technical bits & lots of shiggy. Did Silvia really lay it?

Damp Patch: Nice walk & great cakes!


Finney Coomber: I WANT A NAME! (thank you)


Run 2016

Ever Ready led the hashers and Prime-8 kept up with the walkers round the countryside near Frensham Great Lake. Barely over an hour and sunny. Loved seeing the sailing boats on the lake. Turnout was boosted to 33 by 9 sailors staying over at Shrinky Dink and Dodo’s for a party weekend and the Coomber family just back from Lisbon who would like to join us, if they can remember to bring their wallet. 

What Shall We Do with 4 Drunken Sailors?

Rolo: too mudy 

Flash: M U D !

Ulla Svensson: Lovely walk - thanks for inviting us 

Leighton Morgan: Lovely muddy run - good company


Run 2015  (Guy Fawkes Night)


A crisp, cold evening for this 4pm Phireworks run (with no “F” in Fireworks!). Set by JGG and Charmaine Chardonnay who stepped in at the last minute when original hare Flying Doctor was too ill. Familiar territory but enjoyable with lovely views as the sun went down and left us finishing the 65 minute run in darkness. Back to some excellent grub prepared by Old Thumper and a convivial evening round an open log fire. 


Dodo: Very pretty area + well set ! ! !

Hanging About: Nice trail. Sneaky to lead the FRB’s through the nettles after it got dark!



Run 2014


Mountain Rescue set his 4th hash this year from Eelmoor Bridge, where we assembled to the sound and sight of private jets landing and taking off. Only Wally made more noise.


DP, CC and FD investigate the 'Turdis'.



After the run Raphael Kerr was officially named “Rolo” by the RA (water was not to his liking).

Some comments:

Seis Matters: Excellent trail (as one expects from MR) Great on-inn run. 

Rolo: too long! not fantastic!!!!!

Hippo: Great walkers’ trail ably assisted by Firework’s sat nav!


Run 2013

Hanging About’s 4th hare this year, with Damp Patch on her 3rd, from Balmoral Drive. Five visitors. 

‘Er Indoors: Lovely trail: 1 bassett 2 bassetts —> 5 bassetts 

Chastity Belt: Great crunchy leaves and sweet chestnuts. 

Double D: Nice long walk - got out of breath! x


Run 2012

A prompt 11am start for a 50 minute run to maximise drinking time at the Gurkha Palace for the AGM. Set by ‘Er Indoors and Hobble. 

Non Stick: Fine trail - lots of lovely Lambo’s on the race track. 

Fun Size: The racing cars were good

Hanging About: Great trail. Nice country and excellent timing to get back for AGM. 

Velcro (M): Ouch - purple toe, purple toe!!!


Run 2011

Two visitors and 18 NH4 members followed Old Thumper & Fuggles’ trail from the Crossways car park through the housing estates of Hook into the Bartley Heath Nature Reserve where the pylons play. Here I met Primate & Firework and walked back along Station Road with them to the White Hart for a drink & good-value lunch. 

The Knitting Circle sets off

A regroup overlooked by a family of pylons out for a stroll on Bartley Heath

Take care, these are very dangerous. The mushroom's pretty dodgy as well.

Seis Matters: Excellent hash: roads, woods, fields & shiggy. 


Fun Size: There should be more mud. 


Prime 8: Excellent trail - switched from knitting circle to FRB then walk - home 1st !

Tom Elder: Good variety in the route!


Katherine Gledhill: Best (1st) ever! good variety + lots of fun


Run 2010

A supposedly flat run round the fields of Alton from the car park opposite Eggars School, most notable for: 

a) 21% of the hounds were from R2D2 (see photo)

b) another 21%  were led into the school grounds by Charmaine Chardonnay and trapped

c) we passed 21 runners doing a properly marshalled run in the opposite direction
d) all
21 hashers (including hares Mr & Mrs Silvier Fox) retired to the Queens Head for refreshment and excellent Sunday Roast, etc

The visitors from R2D2

(MissDirection, New Balls Please, One Hung Low & StraddleVarious)

with Flying Doctor


MissDirection: Absolutely perfect. Come to R2D2. Flying Dr came and encouraged us !




Damp Patch: Lovely Walk. Good views. We escaped from the school!!




Run 2009

A long, up and down but enjoyable run (and walk) by Hanging About and Damp Patch at Hankley Common. Amongst others birthday boy Robert aka SPLASH aka FLASH got a down down. 


Fuggles: Views were lovely. Only thing missing were the elephants. 

Mountain Rescue: Looong run! But a good one with the promised views. 

Silvier Fox: Saw a lizard (baby), was overcome, and overshot the finish by a mile or two. Lovely trail. 




Run 2008

An early start scheduled at 5:30 pm for the last evening run of the year, courtesy of Dickhead. New area for me (who arrived late) but looked an excellent, extensive, wooded hashing area with plenty of up and down tracks, though rather far from Farnborough.

The word "hill" featured in half the comments. 


Turn On & Portaloo visited on their way home from Sister Anna's celebration.                                                              DIY Instant Pub Effect


Fuggles: Very good hilly run


Mountain Rescue: "Some uphills some downhills ..." he said. What he didn't say was "NO BLOODY FLAT ... !"


Silvier Fox: Don't like these September evening runs. We should change to morning runs after August. Weather is rubbish. [ignore this whinge:  he got lost again - ed]



Run 2007


By Mountain Rescue from Old Guildford Road. Only 12 turned up, but 3 more than last week. Short at less than an hour. 


Flying Doctor: Rain stopped, excellent run made me feel great!!


Firework: Great walk despite the rain. Well marked. 


Run 2006


A run in the rain on Ludshot Common by Yorkie and JGG attended by only 7 hounds. 





Run 2005


Bank holiday morning hash followed by burgers, sausages and a pot of something back at Firework & Champagne Chardonnay's place. 




VELCRO (F): Lovely!!! Love you ❤️ ❤️ Thanks for the BBQ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 



Run 2004


A wet run with a beer stop set by Scribette & Hippo from The Golden Pheasant in Farringdon. 


Rafael Kerr: Cow pats !!!!!!


Hanging About: Great trail, perfect beer stop, and a bit of rain to keep the runners cool! Nice Pub.


Old Thumper: Oxygen at the re-group would have helped, but nice countryside!


Run 2003

'Er Indoors & Hobble set this run at 5 pm round Cove and provided a chilli afterwards. 


Down-downs for the hares - & Smash!, who wouldn't run for fear of being seen by his friends! .. & down-downs for visitors Leg Over and Double Digits (or "Double D" as Emma is known in Copenhagen).

Ever Ready: Didn't know Cove was so green!! Nice run. 

Cloggs: Well done, thanks for the trail X lovely food, garden, etc.!

Firework: Parts of Cove no human should ever see!! Concreted in GNOMES!!!!


Run 2002

Another run by Cloggs and Non Stick over Yateley Common from the layby inches from the A30, near The Ely. A different trail over familiar ground which had some off us lost at times. 21 hashers.

The hares watch as visitor Richard (Big Moany) from Hong Kong takes his punishment (reward?)

Hanging About: Great trail. A nice variation on a familiar area. Great weather. 


Run 2001

On Sunday, breakfast was prepared by Clever Trevor:


Relaxing after breakfast under 10 “NH4 Event” T-shirts framed by Shrinky Dink

No Entry, Ever Ready & Primate set the 11am hang-over run from the Rugby Club, making excellent use of a very restricted area, mostly following the Blackwater River …


… but sometimes THROUGH the river …

Here’s what some said of the run:

Non Stick: Water wonderful trail

Tequil Over: LONG AND HARD (& deep!)


Miss Direction: Amazing weather, stupendous stilton


Thanks to Kim’s Mum for the NH4 birthday present of mugs for Down-Downs....                                      .....and we put them to good use.


Run 2000

61 signed up for the weekend; 44 on the runners’ coach to Lower Bourne at 1:30 and 13 on the walkers’ coach to Frensham, plus about 3 cars with organisers to runs set by Dickhead, Petal & Silvier Fox.

The runners visited Frensham Brewery before jumping back on their coach just before 4pm at Frensham.


Gathering at the start of the runners’ run                                                                            Explaining the markings for the visitors


Seems to have been a lot of posing for photos on the walkers’ trail … 


Some couldn’t wait till tea time for something to eat and some found the rain too much.

Here’s a selection of the comments from the 57 hashers on the tick sheet:

‘Er Indoors: NH4 hash at its best. Brilliant 2000th. On On to 3000 ! ! !

First On: Lovely A to B hashing country. Great Brewery too!

Sister Anna: Thank you for ‘extending’ my b’thday celebration

Miss Direction: Wonderful hills + sand + beer + rain X X X

And afterwards, back at the Aldershot & Fleet RUFC:


Brilliant birthday cakes were provided by Alice (the half bottle of brandy infusion kindly donated by Commercial Whale) and ‘Er Indoors and Little Prick. The candles were blown out and cakes cut by the longest-standing NH4 hasher, Hobble, supervised by one of the youngest, FLASH (aka Splash).