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NH4 Winter Away Weekend at Sandy Balls


A new venue in The New Forest near Fordingbridge for this year’s Winter Away Weekend: Sandy Balls Holiday Village.

Relatively luxurious cabins, some with hot tubs, in a forested resort with evening entertainment, restaurant, swimming pool, sauna, shop, alpacas and more.

With three visits to The Fighting Cocks and Saturday’s on-inn at The Red Shoot we were not spoilt for places to socialise (ie eat & drink). We were joined this year by four from Surrey: the Woods and Brannigans. 26 all told. 



Run 2138

Sunday, 2 February 2020, Sandy Balls Holiday Village  by   Shrinky Dink, ‘Er Indoors, Hobble & Dodo


The 2nd run of the NH4 Winter Away Weekend was set by almost as many hares as runners.

Starting on roads, lanes and an optional ford the runners stayed in touch with the walkers until the latter continued between fields on footpaths and the runners followed a lot of one blob checks out in the wet, open, hilly area of the New Forest.

Runners and adventurous walkers got their feet wet crossing the torrenting brown water of Ditchend Brook. 



Jolly Green Giant: Good trail with plenty of shiggy and a water dip. Well done


Old Thumper: An unnecessary hill too many! Nice run otherwise 😊 


Sister Anna: Ford was a “challenge“! Dry sunny weather Shame about my feet/legs!


Little Rabbit: Very nice walk, going through the deep stream was great fun. Any chance to get wet. splash splash


Firework: Waterproof sock height 7” ford height 9”. 



Run 2137

Saturday, 1st February 2020, Appleslade car park  by  Jolly Green Giant & Old Thumper


A predictably wet-under-foot run through open and hilly New Forest territory with deer, cows, horses, ponies, sheep and horse-riders to add interest. Brilliant weather and On Inn to The Red Shoot. 



Turn On: Brilliant, well looked after, but too many hills. Enjoyed the mud. 

Cuddles: Lovely to see all the animals and the ponies were nice too!


Charmaine Chardonnay: Lovely and we saw some road worthy deer who had good road sense. So no venison. 


Old Thumper: Lovely weather at 8am! Deer, skylarks, ponies, views . . . . !


Portaloo: Good run - we don’t hash enough with these guys. Great. 


Sister Anna: Mud, mud glorious mud! Lovely hash thanks for looking after me!


Run 2136

26 Jan 2020, Tongham Community Centre, Jolly Green Giant & Old Thumper


An excellent turnout of 35 equalled last year’s highest: Fleet Pond Good Friday run. The hares stepped in at the last minute due to lack of volunteers and set a well-appreciated run and walk over mixed terrain. And the rain held off till the end of the run, when we retired to The White Hart. 





Squiffy: Sorry for being late but still did the walker’s trail. 


Chastity Belt: I was very appreciative of 6 inch shiggy!



Run 2135

19 Jan 2020:  BASE Bordon Innovation Centre, by Yellow Peril

The lone hare set a “Fantastic trail”, or so he wrote on the comments sheet. 23 hounds found the new starting location on time - even Squiffy! Cold but sunny weather helped to make a thoroughly enjoyable run, before heading on-in to The Cricketers in Kingsley. 




Alice: Fantastic walk, lovely weather. 

Dodo: excellent area! well marked!



Little Rabbit: Great trail, lots of zigzags and the army was a nice touch.


Sex Slave: Interesting walk, orienteering with a dodgy map!


Squiffy: Well thought out trail in great location, well marked!


Run 2134

12 Jan 2020, Normandy Common car park, by Shrinky Dink & Dodo

A long wet one for the runners; a short muddy, shoe-sucking-off one for the walkers. Round Normandy Common Cricket Club and over the soaking wet fields, a regroup at a quaint brick bridge, as far east as Willey Green. Then half a mile along a steep-sided gully with no turn-offs for the front runners, before heading back across more wet fields, returning past Normandy Village Hall and Glaziers Lane. 


Visitor Lady Chatterley, amongst others, got down downs, then our new Songster led us all in a new song. 


Velcro being gallant whilst Er Indoors shows off her wet bum

Song time


‘Er Indoors: ‘Mud Glorious Mud’ Good trail - even extra bit  


Jolly Green Giant: Bit long in places but great shiggy. 


Little Prick: Shiggy-tastic!


Old Thumper: Lovely trail, could have done with another re-group. 


Fuggles: Very muddy walk. Good though. 


Velcro (M): Rather wet underfoot.  Robert has a poo. 


Run 2133

Hawley Lake Side Road, 1st Jan 2019:   No Entry, Little Prick & Fun Size


An excellent turnout (26) on an excellent day for an excellent 1st run of the decade. 




Ever Ready: Good variation on a well used area. Really enjoyed the trail. 


JGG: Excellent run. Not as boggy as expected. 


Dodo: Good run! excellent hares!!!


‘Er Indoors: Super run with very nice hare


Little Rabbit: great walk, spot the puddles was an added bonus. splash splash