8 In 8 3rd - 10th July

Portia has sent the proposed itinerary for the third Hampshire 8 hashes in eight days. See the letter attached.

NH4 are down to do the first one on Sunday 3rd July.

I did the arrangements last time using the Pyestock Club and I am happy to arrange at the same location again if if it is still available. However, if any other members wish to use another location and are prepared to organise accordingly I am happy to hand it over to them. The club provided burgers, chips and drinks after the run. We had about 70 people.

Locations In Hampshire or closely around the Hampshire borders

Venues Capable of taking 60 to 70(more?) hashers – large pub/village hall/barn/marquee etc.

Schedule Sun 3rd North Hants, Mon 4th Winchester (PAD to join?), Tues 5th Bourne Valley/Southampton, Wed 6th HOV, Thurs 7th R2D2, Fri 8th ADH/Dorset, Sat 9th Hursley, Sun 10th Wessex. N.B. Big thank you to Hursley for agreeing to move their trail from Sun to Sat for this event (Hursley Additional Saturday Hash – HASH H3!).

Trails Bearing in mind our demographic (i.e. runners and older hashers) – Minimum of 2 trails one of 5 miles for runners and one of 3 miles (max) for walkers/joggers etc. Drink/Food: Pay Bar or BYOB depending on venue (please state with run details). Food not obligatory but please inform if this is planned.

Subs/Fees To be decided. Each has has different systems/costs so this needs consensus/decisions. Options – £1 flat fee, Own hash subs, Free! – Please comment.

T-shirts Propose long sleeve (again). Colour? Theme 83 (cubed – third 8 in 8). Survivor post event printing for all those who do all 8. Cost/details to be confirmed later after canvassing each hash.

Other points Please add/change/comment as you see fit.


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