Run 2189
21 Nov 2021 11:00 AM

Ever Ready, Primate
Admirals Car-park, off Harlington Way in Fleet
Prince Arthur Wetherspoon pub

Our new Grand Mattress Mistress called the circle to order at 11 o’clock and we set off on a very well recc’ed run and walk linking various park areas swathed in sun and autumnal leaves. Yellow Peril & Flash tried out a zip wire and FRBs often mingled with walkers, giving a chance for short cuts to less fit runners. One group of walkers got lost but were led home by Cuddles, long after the FRBs.

The new RA presided over the down-downs and we retired to the local Wetherspoons for refreshments and chats.

Cuddles: Lovely autumn walk/run Really enjoyed it.

Dodo: Very Very interesting run! Well done hares!

‘Er Indoors: Rustly walk through the leaves.

Fuggles: Loved running through different coloured Autumn leaves.

Hanging About: Nice trail in an area it must be difficult to find a route. Well done hares!


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