Run 2191
05 Dec 2021 11:00 AM

Velcro (M)
Tweseldown Car Park, Church Crookham, Fleet.
Provisionaly, the Tweseldown pub. need to check they are open and happy to have us.

Two reports but no pictures for this rather short run.

The first report by Hanging About:

Cold and grey day with west wind. Started to rain prior to start but stopped as we started off. A poor turnout [14] with various feeble excuses made such as: caught Covid, welcoming relatives and going Xmas shopping.

Our new Grand Mattress Mistress called the circle to order at 11 o’clock and we set off on a very well recc’ed run and walk linking various park areas swathed in sun and autumnal leaves. Yellow Peril & Flash tried out a zip wire and FRBs often mingled with walkers, giving a chance for short cuts to less fit runners. One group of walkers got lost but were led home by Cuddles, long after the FRBs.

The new RA presided over the down-downs and we retired to the local Wetherspoons for refreshments and chats.

2nd report by Yellow Peril:

As scapegoat, I ended up as both GM and RA, much to the mumbling and grumbling by the gathered NH4 throng; golly, what a load of old moaners! To his enormous irritation, one of Squiffy’s boots got sucked into a rather lengthy gratuitous swamp with deep ditches that Velcro thought it’d be fun to take us through resulting in Squiffy acquiring the new name of Squampy for the day.

Devoid of any blobs, it appeared that Velcro hadn’t bothered to check out that stretch and, already at a low point due to some interesting trail markings earlier meaning that even Velcro got lost (quickly blamed on dogs eating it all, obviously), any remaining exuberant enthusiasm quickly waned and almost evaporated!

But like all good hashers, we persisted and reached the end within the hour in greatly restored spirits and Velcro rightfully received the usual applause. A few down-downs in the car park and then the others went to the Prince Arthur in Fleet.

Dickhead, Yorkie and YP had another beer in the car park and buggered off.

Now a few representative comments:

Damp Patch Cold, cold, cold! Good walk though!



Hanging About Great trail, plenty of shiggy. 4.29 miles. One falsie like last week … miles!

Squiffy Not enough shiggy to lose my shoe in!


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