Run 2195
02 Jan 2022 12:00 PM

D Head, Nettles
Forge Lane layby, Kingsley.
Cricketers if weather bad, or onsite if good (bring New Year leftovers and drink)! Decide on the day!

A very good turn-out (32) for a damp and shiggy first hash of the year, but the rain kept off until we’d consumed most of Shrinky Dink and Dodo’s New Year party left-overs and the remains of Yellow Peril’s mince pies after the run.

After a long absence we welcomed back Simon Scolding and James Acott, with his son William, who was one of the Down Down recipients.

Some comments:

Damp Patch Nice long walk!!

‘Er Indoors Nice short stroll. Rain kept away.

Hanging About Nice trail. Fortunately not too long!

Yellow Peril I looked out for the rabbit hole that Nettles fell down, but couldn’t see Alice!


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