Run 2204
27 Feb 2022 11:00 AM

Shortheath Common Car Park
On-Site On-Inn (bring nibbles, drinks and chairs, it's nice by the pond!)

Dickhead set a wonderful run in cool, sunny weather through beautiful heathland and woodland paths, circumnavigating the wetter areas.

Dodo & I turned up 15 minutes late, due to some nasty Russian allegedly messing around with the satnav signals and sending us all over the county. In a futile attempt to catch up with the pack I short cut across the squishy, bouncy, wet, bogland, shin-deep in water, only proving that my water proof socks hold water in as well as out. Finding the in trail I got back ahead of the runners; Squiffy, who arrived in his car only a minute or so late (nothing new there), at least did the whole trail but finished 25 minutes after the down-downs.

Dodo, amongst others, got a down-down for blaming the current political situation for our late-coming [thanks for not blaming me, Dodo]

Hanging About was accused of treading on someone small, or something like that, but got a down-down for something else, I forget what.

A selection of comments:

Hanging About Great weather!, Great trail especially as it was planB

Jolly Green Giant Good run with some excellent shiggy

Ever Ready Lovely run, even logical in places!! Well done

Squiffy Great trail, well marked and plenty of shiggy!

Prime 8 Excellent SCB run – nice shiggy – no hills


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