Run 2205
06 Mar 2022 11:00 AM

Ever Ready, Cuddles
Bourne recreation ground

Run was well laid with blue skies but cold wind. Nice when sheltered from wind, say, behind a hill but generally the runners had to go over them. Given the recent rain it was dry underfoot.

Downdowns to hares… it was noted that in the distant past roles were reversed, with Every Ready now struggling to get around with dodgy knee. DD also to Nettles for demonstrating new highway code rules by running out in front of a fast moving cyclist and forcing him to do a scary emergency stop!

Regards Tim

A selection of comments:

Goofy Great trail. Lots of hills and no shiggy – I’ll rectify that next week!

Hobble Loverly walk along the brook. Great corned beef sandwich.

Jolly Green Giant Excellent run with plenty of hills. No camera crew though

Seis Matters Very enjoyable but HILLY.


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