Run 2209
03 Apr 2022 11:00 AM

Hanging About
Anchor pub, Vigo Lane Yateley
No Food

The run was about 4.5 miles long and took 1 hour 15mins, after a cold start the sun came out and it was quite pleasant. From the car park we were quickly in a holly forest before opening out into an area of grass and gorse. A first regroup at the end of the run way to Blackbush airport before crossing a wide and very long obsolete runway. Past a go kart track and up into the trees. Old Thumper tried an alternate route before getting lost with plaintive cries of help coming from the woods. Of course the whole hash were quickly to her rescue……not!

A photo stop at the entrance to Castle Bottom Nature Reserve before passing the six Exmoor ponies that Yellow Peril thought were Dartmoors. The ignorance of some hashers! On down a stepped board walk a leap across the stream at the bottom before rising on another stepped boardwalk and soon back to the pub. There was a walk planned taking in the best bits of the nature reserve, but apparently they chose to go their own way so who knows where they got to.

Down downs went to:


No Entry for being sympathetic (not) to the RA when she got lost.

No Entry for nearly burning his house down.

Sex slave for being competitive when he found that he was leading the pack.

Cuddles for something non specific.

A selection of comments:

Old Thumper Lovely trail in little used territory.

Sex Slave Great Trail. Materfull pack control. Thanks Tim.

Ever Ready Nice run!! Not enough straight bits or shiggy but really enjoyed it!!

Hippo Shorter walk than planned due to dodgy knees. Great weather friendly ON INN

‘Er Indors Nice but short walk thanks to technology!

Cuddles really enjoyed the walk, apart from the poo!


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