Run 2211
15 Apr 2022 11:00 AM

Hobble, Er Indoors
Lay-by opposite Potters Pub
Miners Arms, Frimley. Curry free for fully paid members.

Another, even warmer, sunny day for NH4’s 41st anniversary. An innovative trail over familiar territory. Somewhat hilly, canal, lots of trees, avoidable shiggy. Followed by chocolate refrigerator birthday cake by Flying Doctor & down downs to:

Down downs went to:

The hares of course

Firework & Charmaine Chardonnay welcome back after over 2 years non-appearance

Shrinky Dink & Yellow Peril exemplary hashing and something else

Yorkie visionary hearing – thinks he heard Silvier calling

No Entry, Yellow Peril (again) & Hobble Innuendos - Not hard, difficulty getting leg over, original member

A selection of comments:

Charmaine Chardonnay Lovely to be back, Lovely weather, Lovly peoples, lovely cake. Lovely day

Firework 1st back after 2.25 years!! NOT A THING HAS CHANGED

Mountain Rescue Great walk with Hippo on a short cut that was longer than laid

Old Thumper Lovely wriggly trail in the sun!

And then a naming of a virgin hasher: Fifi was named Hash Hobbit.

Followed by a lazy Indian lunch in the sunshine in the back yard of the Miners Arms.


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