Run 2212
17 Apr 2022 11:00 AM

Silvier and Dickhead
Shepherd’s Hut Field, Four Marks and Farringdon
We’re having a couple of polypins of beer for the down-downs (Moondance and Hog’s Back TEA), and I’m going to fish out a couple of BBQ’s.

Yet another warm sunny day. We gathered in Yellow Peril’s field, beside a gipsy caravan. Silvier Fox set off before the hare’s briefing, to lay eggs at 3 regroups (1 for the walkers and 2 for the runners). 51 eggs in total, I heard. Then a run covering lots of fields and beautiful views.

Followed by a picnic BBQ with sausages, bread and beer courtesy of Yellow Peril, and left-over chocolate refrigerator cake from Flying Doctor. The more energetic/childish played boules.

Down downs went to:

Seis Matters: for standing up for the walkers, saying they were slow but not thick.

Dodo for wearing her necklace back to front (Od-Od).

Caboose visitor, for matching the olde-world feeling by arriving by steam train.

Hobble for having more practice pulling

Fun Size The Explosive One

A selection of comments:

Dickhead Why did I ever leave 4-Marks. Sun, Views & Beer!!

Dodo Best run so far! Lovely horses + houses!

Mountain Rescue Truly excellent trail and great gathering in the field. Thanx to YP for his generous hospitality.

Seis Matters Excellent trail with some long stretches. Great hash experience.

Silvier Fox It’s a dogs life. Fifi dragged me everywhere Eggstruxdenary.


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