Run 2213
24 Apr 2022 06:00 PM

Bourley Road
Pub will be the Tweseldown – numbers are small ATT so I will not book unless you think it is worthwhile

Another masterly run set by Yorkie – ‘hot-laid’. The first evening run this year. Yorkie arrived back just as we were assembling in the circle. His instructions went something like: “It’s that way”. The runners pack kept together but a bit fast for me so I joined some of the walkers half way round. A new route round familiar territory.

Down downs went to:

Drought breaker hare (found a bit of shiggy)

Birthday boy Prime8 who bought cases of beer to distribute

No Entry who came direct from scouts, dropped his trousers and showed his oddballs

Goofy who had returned

Sex Slave & Cuddles for opening and following the “EMERGENCY” map from the start

A selection of comments:

Old Thumper Well done for finding shiggy! Lovely meandering trail.

Sex Slave Great Trail. Pack kept together.


Hash Hobbit Woof Woof! Woof!

Goofy Excellent run – good length Many thanks

Mountain Rescue Great walk, great celebration of Primate’s 99th

Dodo Excellent map reading! Good run!


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