Run 2218
29 May 2022 06:00 PM

Wharf Car-park, Odiham
Waterwitch pub

A good attempt. Running trail criss-crossed walkers trail to start with, keeping both groups close together. A bit tight and confusing in places as trail could be seen beyond a bar but shouted instructions from the hare kept us on the straight and narrow (or rather the very twisty and narrow). Home stretch for walkers and runners was long and straight along the canal tow-path.

A selection of comments:

Cuddles Could have been worse!

Hanging About Nice weather, nice countryside.

Dodo Pretty area + fast pace!

Silvier Fox A trail with contrasts. Higgly piggey at the beginning then 1 1/2 mile along canal-path from ONIN.

Ever Ready Beautifully confusing!! Nice terrain and forests, bit long at the end!!

Yellow Peril Well . . . the countryside was lovely, absolutely lovely . . . .


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