Run 2222
26 Jun 2022 06:00 PM

JGG and Old Thumper
Ball & Wicket, Holt Pound, Farnham
Ball & Wicket

A good attendance at the 2222 celebratory run. The new t-shirts recording the day handed out before the circle. A new song, written by Hash Songster was predictably mangled by the hash choir, despite being led by Ever Ready and Primate. Fortunately, or not so, Little Prick was not in attendance to hear it due to Fun Size getting the dreaded virus.

The pack finally headed off into Holt Pound Inclosure, before crossing the railway and following the River Wey for a while. Some tricky trail laying by the hares sent the frb’s into the distance the wrong way while the pack crossed back into the forest over Shipwrights Way and into Lodge Inclosure. The route then passed through Alice Holt Research Station and behind Birdworld back to the start. A very enjoyable trail.

An extensive buffet was provided at the pub which although huge was predicably demolished in short shrift by the hash before down downs. There was also a tasty birthday cake for Headplant.

Down downs went to:


Commercial Whale Because he couldn’t find his way out of the car park

Velcro Female She had done the trail before but didn’t recognise it!

Ever Ready and Primate Songsters leading the ‘choir’….They had to sing it again (not much better even after practice)

Headplant Received a Hashy Birthday.

‘Er Indoors Super walk in lovely countryside. Happy 2222 NH4

Goofy Just my sort of run -Absolutely excellent – much enjoyed – many thanks

YP Great trail - Great food – thanks Hares

Velcro F Wonderful run. Fab hares, great weather, beautiful countryside, what more can a hasher want.


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