Run 2223
03 Jul 2022 11:00 AM

Silvierfox, Hash Hobbit, Dickhead, Yellow Peril
Triple fff Brewery, Four Marks
A pizza van will be in attendance 12.30pm- 3pm

An early start for NH4 with an 11am run which also doubled as the first run of the 2020 version of the 8 in 8. Consequently as well as a good attendance from NH4 there were hashers from R2D2, Hursley, Worthy Winchester, Wessex and many other hashes. With glorious weather the large pack set off, south and west, over the A31 and through the centre of the village. Progressing through Old Down Wood we moved on through past Swelling Wood without issue. Two long fast(ish) straights and we all ended up at the beer stop next to Yellow Perils shepherds hut. The liquid refreshments were very welcome in the heat. A quick photo shoot and we were off again. Back towards Four Marks. Along the platform at the Watercress line station, but no steam trains were spotted, or even splashed. The pack finally arrived back at the brewery where a pizza wagon had been provided for the hashers. Beer , pizza and perfect weather NH4 have set the standard for the 8 in 8.

Down downs went to:


Little Prick for Toby’s new haircut Bob the Virgin and Red Cock – For tactical running! Turn Up Tony For parking in the way of the pizza van !

Selected comments

Hobble Excellent venue (brewery), Excellent beer stop (field), excellent food (pizza wagon). JGG Excellent run & nice to see so many here. Little Prick Nice trail for testing protocols………


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