Run 2225
17 Jul 2022 06:00 PM

No entry
Southwood Woodland Car-park

The prospect of an unseasonably hot Hash had the pulses of the hardcore Harriers racing as they set off from Southwood Car Park in temperatures approaching 29C. The Hounds enjoyed a clever and cunning trail laid by No Entry through the leafy glades and cool shady woodlands of Southwood and Fleet Pond. With numerous well-laid checks, 4 FRBs, backed up by the dependable Windsor duo, were suitably challenged* and had a great run. Meanwhile, the walkers followed a map which took them on a shorter version of the runner’s trail and got them back to the RV before the FRBs. The temperature plummeted to 21C and a character out of Spy vs Spy appeared on the tailgate of the Robertsmobile (LP, you know who you are)…. Down Downs went to the Hare and Hobble the History Boy for his lesson in how the Hashers of the World brought down the 3rd Reich; Hashy Birthdays went to FiFi (1) and Silvier (ageless). Cold beers all round and then it was ON ON.


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