Run 2226
24 Jul 2022 06:00 PM

Ever Ready
Wyndham’s Pool Car-park on Yateley Common
The Cricketers, Yateley

A slightly cooler evening saw 13 hounds turn up for a rehash of an earlier Deepcut run. After a short brief the hounds were off, before Squiffy could get out of his car. It was nearly a very short run, twice over, as soon we were up the track to the pub looking for the trail. Unfortunately someone found the trail off to one side. Then 10 minutes later we were almost back in the car park, except for a pesky bar in the way which meant we had another 50 minutes of trail.

The trail was very intricate and close together, so close that at one stage we were going round the trail the wrong way having missed a bar, and at a particularly difficult check, we had No Entry calling from one direction, and Old Thumper calling from completely the opposite way. Turns out there was a loop that No Entry and Yorkie did but not the rest of us, oh dear!.

In fact No Entry was definitely not living up to his name as he was getting loads of checks right for a change and then having to wait for the other 6 FRBs to catch up. Later we realised why, as he was racing to get to his “dogging” car park to check it out first, but it was empty,… or was by the time the rest of us got there.

After coming close to the A30 we returned via the track normally knee deep in shiggy, only to find the heatwave had completely dried it out, bring back the rain!!. Passed the cemetery and then on home to find the walkers and hares waiting.

On On into the Cricketers

Compare withYP’s version:

It was a great trail by Ever Ready and Primate, testing and cunningly laid to confuse all the hounds, in which it succeeded. Even FiFi and the ones that had had a taste of it on a previous Deepcut outing went round in circles. Squiffy returned from the Lebanon in usual style just as we were setting off. Welcome back Squiffy.

Down downs went to the Hare, Yellow Peril for usual drivel (something about the famous 5, or was it 7 and who was the dog?), No Entry for a witticism and Fun Size for new boots (yup, he drank from the soul, or sole, or whatever. Good egg!

Down downs went to:

Every Ready and Prime8 as hares

No Entry for commenting that the extra loop he and Yorkie did “wasn’t a very interesting bit”

Yellow Peril for talking even more drivel then normal, something about blue team vs orange team

Little Prick for some expert motherly advice “ don’t put anything Yellow Peril gives you down your pants”

Funsize for highlighting his new shoes to the RA, which were duly filled and drunk from

Selected comments

No Entry Only got lost a few times. Very well laid.

Silvier Fox Impressed by old timer Les able to lay such a good trail. Fifi enjoyed it and kept Petal in sight all the way round.

Petal Really enjoyed it - even better second time around.


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