Run 2228
07 Aug 2022 06:00 PM

The Welsh Drive, Eversley

An improved turn out of 8 FRBs and 5 walkers arrived down the dusty quarry road on this hot evening to be advised it was mostly under trees, to keep us cool. The trail started a bit confusingly with false calls but eventually No Entry found the right direction. He then proceeded to find every check for 5 minutes so left the rest of us way behind, until he came back for us, how considerate. The trail weaved amongst to forest and tracks with everyone either wanting to get to the front, or stay way behind on the tracks as so much dust was kicked up by the leaders. A few checks caused some confusion as the hare was with the walkers and we had plenty of diving off the tracks weaving through the tree stumps . Eventually we spotted the On Inn amongst the stumps and were back home in 55 mins, and a short 5.6km for me, just enough in that heat. We then had to wait 5 mins for the walkers to get back as they had also followed the tree stump route. Cake and apples were handed out and Down Downs awarded by RA to

Down downs went to:

Squiffy – Hare

Hanging about – for helpfully moving some of the sawdust to an extra blob so No Entry wouldn’t miss it when he caught up, only to find No Entry overtaking him as he laid it

Little Prick and JGG – for commenting that a leap over a ditch was “one small step for the Giant, but one large leap for Kimkind”

Cuddles – Birthday girl (with cakes)


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