Run 2229
14 Aug 2022 06:00 PM

Old Thumper and JGG
Tarn car park, Littleworth Road
Golden Fleece, Elstead. NB – unfortunately, no Thai food this time, as they are stopping serving early – sorry!

A remarkable turnout for August and predicted intense heat of the day. It was good to see Lady Chatterley and Three and Fourpence attend and also Nettles and Flying Doctor who have been missed. 

A great trail laid by the hares and they managed to arrange for light cloud cover to take the edge off the suns heat. As belt and braces the hares also laid the trail primarily in the woods to keep us in the shade.

Starting off from the South car park the route took us down to the Tarn and everyone thought we would go round the lake and up onto Puttenham common, but with a clever switch back we headed south and west across Lower Puttenham Common and then to Britty Wood. A fast trail with some sections for the frb’s that I suspect the short cutters avoided, plus a long drag uphill in soft sand!

We were all pleased to get back to the car park and after down downs on to the Golden Fleece for a few drinks. Although being told food was unfortunately off, a couple of nameless individuals managed to sneak off early and order a nice Thai curry before the kitchen closed.

Down downs to…..

Hare    JGG (But not to Old Thumper who was apparently Haring?

Visitors/Returnees    Three an Fourpence, Flying Doctor, Nettles

Hashie birthdays to    Old Thumper, Lady Chatterley

Selected comments:

Cuddles: Just the right length as the actress said to the Bishop!

Damp Patch: Lovely walk!! Bit too hot though!

Ever Ready: Bit hot, lots of nice countryside and a really enjoyable run (except for the near heart attack!)

Lady Chatterley: Thank you for making us welcome

3s4d: I enjoyed learning about sand bags and how they paid for the estate. Y.P. gave lots of factoids.


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