Run 2231
28 Aug 2022 06:00 PM

Silvierfox, Petal, Hobbitt
Aldershot Park Rugby Car-park

A return to the venue of our 2000th ‘near’ Aldershot Rugby club - Fairy Snow had to be redirected having parked directly at the venue rather than the carpark instructed on the run-list. A pleasant evening disturbed by the roar of remote-controlled cars made the welcome circle a bit distracted. Silvier was solo, with his lovely ladies Petal and Hobbit resting at home after helping him set it earlier. Nice to see: three generations of the Rescue family, with MR joined by daughter Zoe and granddaughter Stella, Primate bringing friend Anne, and also the return of Action Man. Instructions were the usual waffle, with something about yellow arrows fortuitously leading the walkers home. The pack set off and milled about for some time almost immediately, with the first sections of trail hard to find in the low sunshine and amongst the discarded cans and paper. However, we eventually got into our stride and snaked around the housing estates. The trail was a return to historical NH4 traditions, penetrating the back passages of southern Aldershot, although areas that were waste ground 30 years ago have become new housing and a pleasant park where we re-grouped. Circuitous trails and falsies around the pond led Yorkie and Nettles to be coming back towards us having missed a bit, although Nettles soon got us out of there. More new houses, then the long path between the railway and the Sea Cadets revealed the yellow arrows to be marking the ‘Run for John’. Second regroup at Badshot Lea, where local knowledge led us onto the Blackwater path and then led us astray, as the trail zigzagged in and out of the housing estate rather than following the straight and narrow. On In exactly an hour, where the walkers had returned successfully, although calling the circle on the grass led to an outcry of grumbling that they’d taken ten minutes to get their legs over the 1ft carpark barrier the first time.

On Inn to the Crown at Badshot Lea, where they were very welcoming and we spent a pleasant hour. – and the photos were taken because no-one remembered on the run.

(tick sheet to be delivered next week, a bit hard to read/scan as someone spilt beer all over it)

Down downs to…..

Silvier for back passages and the risk of monkey pox

Yellow Peril and Yorkie for the now traditional exchange of loaves before the run – suggest bring fishes to their trail next week

Nettles for imitating Silvier, only calling quietly once he’s almost out of earshot

Anne the virgin

Action Man returnee.


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