Run 2233
11 Sep 2022 06:00 PM

Yellow Peril
Pine Ridge Golf Club, Camberley

1100 hours and a minute’s silence was observed to mark the death of EllR.

The dedicated pack displayed discipline, decorum, deference, and due diligence with distinction. Job duly done, the dastardly dogs were despatched and dispersed by a distraught hare drowning in a downright deluge of diarrhoea from a dreadful overdose of Ds. (Note from Editor : the writer of this dire disastrous diatribe needs to get a grip before doom sets in. Cripes, you’ve got me at it now). With so many sick notes, apologies, and absences, YP, moaning as usual, also acted as RA, GM, Tick Sheet, Scribe, Hash Cash, Bucket Holder, Scape Goat and Dogsbody.

Basically, the run went anti-clockwise round the golf course taking in parts of the golf course proper, the Fuel Allotments, Frith Hill and the Deepcut Officer’s Mess en route.

No Entry, Ever Ready, 3/4d, Lady Chatterley, Cloggs, Kevin, Velcro, Dickhead and YP ran… Statler and Waldorf happily completed the walker’s course and came in just under the hour. Hobble, Roland, Sanyu and the other walkers got back in 45 and were early arrivals at the 19th.

The pack kept together fairly well, except for Lady C who started to walk on the run, worrying the Hare as we’re told it’s easy to get lost in the Fuel Allotments. However, the Hare had laid suitable back checks, hairpins and a final short cut to ensure that even the most sluggard of the FRB/SCs all returned roughly at the same time.

Excellent baskets of Pine Ridge hash chips, but they took so long to arrive that most folk had left by the time we got to demolish them.

The beer was Sharps Atlantic and surprisingly tasty.

Thank-you to YP for taking over the entire committee’s posts.

This is what some hounds thought:

3/4d Nice PVC checks. Free Balls on trail. Hospitable On Inn. Well Done the RA. Lovely hhh - very well set.

Non Stick Lovely soft trail. Soft landing on head. Brain Undamaged!


Cloggs Lovely trail & chips - thanks YP!

Little Prick An ancient start but a splendid walk over unfamiliar paths. Well done hare!


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