Run 2237
02 Oct 2022 11:00 AM

Yorkie, Yellow Peril
Dye House Road Car Park, Thursley, GU8 6QA (nearest postcode)
The Three Horseshoes in Thursley

The weather gods smiled on the pack for the first run of October, but frowned on the hares, as there was heavy rain all morning and it stopped just before 11:00. On arrival Er Indoors was offering home grown grapes, unfortunately in their unfermented form, but delicious just the same.

The pack hung around whilst YP put his shoes on, between talking, so we left a few minutes late. Given the earlier rain the ground was remarkably dry. Nettles and Silvier decided it was a sprint but were soon spotted well off trail having run through a bar, quelle surprise. After a few early struggles finding the way we were soon on the heath and weaving about various paths and hills, quite a few of the latter. Then over the road to Hankley common and, yes, more hills. A couple of regroups on top of the aforementioned hills with great views. Everyone was avoiding checking downhill, even Nettles who was eventually persuaded to check downhill only to give up and come back to the top, and be told by the hare that the blob was 5 metres beyond where he turned back. Then a few more well disguised trails until we were asked by a group of DOE students whether we were lost, only some of the pack!!!. Then onto the photo stop where YP insisted on giving advice to Cuddles on how to frame a photo of us with the river.

Finally back over the road and just before the OH we were stopped by a group of guides asking for directions. Our visitor Clincher, from Surrey H3, stepped forward to help with D’head being heard to say “Will that work, a woman giving directions to another group of women”. That was brave of him

Down downs to…..

Hares Yellow Peril and Yorkie

Sex Slave and Cuddles Acting as Megan and Harry by holding hands on the run

Nettles and Clincher Local knowledge. Both for checking out the right way but coming back before they found the blob

D’head his jokes being so bad he had to explain them to YP


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