Run 2241
30 Oct 2022 11:00 AM

Flying Doctor, Nettles
Alton Health Centre Car-park

Run 2241 – Alton Health Centre – Hares Flying Doctor & Nettles

The gathering pack were greeted by the co-hare (Nettles) with the cheerful predictions that a) the run might be too long, b) the main hare (Flying Doctor) might not turn up or might go straight to the pub. However, (b) soon turned out to be false with FD’s presence and intent to lead the walkers.. The pack were champing at the bit, no-one (apparently) had been fooled by the changing of the clocks, and the circle self-formed at 10:56, leading to an eager countdown for the first introduction by new GM Fairy Snow. He’d done his homework and got the run number correct, and swiftly passed over to the hares at exactly 11:00. FD encouraged the pack by admitting that (a) might after all be true and there were no shortcuts. Nevertheless, those keen runners Velcro, Flash and Fun Size were moved to join the main event. There were a few confusing instructions about the combination of flour and chalk, colours of arrows (green and yellow for FRBs, pink and purple for the walkers, none of which would be any use to No Entry as he is colour-blind), and then we were off. It took a few minutes to get our eye in, and get accustomed to some quite long gaps between markings (I suppose the hares had a standard number of blobs in their bag to spread over a longer distance). A couple of turns led us fairly quickly to King’s Pond, where No Entry and Hanging About almost circumnavigated the wrong way before returning all the way round. The inevitable haul up the steep steps beyond led us a few twists and turns through the houses, over the hill and eventually down to cross the A31. Predictions of (a) were looking pretty accurate as we still seemed to be heading away after 3 miles. Dickhead got confused by black and white-wrapped large hay bales thinking them to be very fat cows, before Silvier’s dodgy local knowledge led us (in his words) into a naturist’s reserve. Some fast trails took us back towards Chawton, under the main road towards town, where most of the FRBs lost the trail and ran a very straight return to the On-Inn. Back in around 1hour 20 after about 5.5 miles, not too shabby, and FD’s tasty baking, including gingerbread skulls, cheese scones and chocolate biscuit cake with a very high calorie content, soon replenished the energy.

As the runners had got a bit strung out, the RA called a rolling circle, starting with the main hare and adding in sinners as they arrived. Total roll call:

Down Downs

The pack then retired to the Railway Arms for welcome refreshment.

Some photos:


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