Run 2243
13 Nov 2022 11:00 AM

Yorkie, Yellow Peril
College Ride, Bagshot.
The Foresters, Bagshot (GU19 5DH), W3W://exploring.javelin.templates.

GM Fairy Snow called half the pack together at 1 minute to 11 to lead us in 2 minutes silence. The rebellious half of the pack gathered in the Bagshot Playing Fields entrance a few yards up the road.

It was primarily a woodland, leaf-strewn, run, rather long, exceptionally mild and enjoyable. A better than average turn-out at 28, including Hash Hobbit.

Down Downs

Some photos:

Out past the Bagshot Tennis Club:

A normal check masquerading as a one-blobber:

Across a water jump:

Past Pascal Wood Transmission Tower:

Birthday Cake Time:


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