Run 2244
20 Nov 2022 11:00 AM

Seis Matters
Selborne Recreation Ground Car-park

For this run we welcomed the visiting Danes (Mette, Christian and girlfriend Julie) and visitors/returnees Big Moaney Richard Corser and son Marcus).

A bright, sunshine day after loads of rain made this a pleasant but slippy-slidy run. After a short while we arrived outside The Selborne Arms, only to continue down the Selborne Road and left into Gracious Street. Then a variety of vistas over fields, and lots of up and down hills through woodlands.

Down Downs

The pack then retired to the Railway Arms for welcome refreshment.

Some comments:

Dodo excellent skating! well done hares

Hanging About Enjoyable trail. Great views, devious back checks and plenty of shiggy.

Silvier Fox Great running trail. Had to leap over a hedge to avoid a charging horse. Fifi thought it was a game.

Legover Good to be back. The hash never disapoints!

Jolly Green Giant Went on the walk. Nice to see different parts.

‘Er Indoors Lovely views in the sunshine. Thanks Hares for great directions :)

Some photos:

The walkers set off

Regroup in the woods

Going over in style

The great Danes

The Vikings take their punishment


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